Interview :
with Márton Szivós, five times Hungarian Championship winner, Euro League winner waterpolo player of the Hungarian National Team since 2003

I asked Marci about the Hungarian Championship, his current team and his future, included the 2012 Olympic games. It wasn’t a hard task to reach him, since Groupama Honvéd ususally just finished training when I arrived to the pool for my training. He immediately agreed to answer my questions.

- Hi, Marci! First of all, I would like to congratulate to you on reaching the championship finals.
- Thank you.

- What result do you expect to achieve? I suppose you are going to compete for the shiniest medal...
- Naturally, our aim is to win the Hungarian Championship. We worked very hard all year to be in this position and I think we have a very strong team which can play at the highest level. I have to admit, the other 3 teams of the final also represent great strength and world-class players, but our enthusiasm can bring us the title.

- May I ask you about the current situation of your team, Groupama Honvéd? There are certain rumours that because of financial difficulties this team will cease to exist.
- Unfortunately yes, this is the case. I don’t give away a big secret if I say that Honvéd has huge financial problems, and we won’t play in next year’s championship in this form. I really regret this, because Vad Lajos (coach of Groupama Honvéd) developped a great team here, consisting only Hungarian players, among whom there are many promising young talents. We became quite united throughout the ages, and when we are about to reach our top form, outer circumstances tear us apart.

- This obviously leads to thinking about your future. What are your plans, have you got any offers yet?
- Indeed, I must think about my future, but only after the end of the championship. Until then, I want to fully focus on the team to reach the best possible result and to score a lot of goals. All I can say about this is that I’ll almost surely stay in Hungary.

- What about the Olympic Games? Obviously, you will be in the loose frame of players (19). How do you feel, can you get into the travelling squad (13)?
- I feel that I performed at my maximum this year to prove the quality I represent. I would love to participate in the Olymipic Games, of course, but it is very hard to get into the team since it consists of nothing but world-class players. Four years ago I couldn’t travel with the guys, I hope that 2012 will be my year!

- Thank you very much, I wish you the best of luck for this summer in the name of ELTE’s media specialisation!
- Thank you very much!

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